About us

What is Xxtraa Attachments?

Xxtraa Attachments is a brand of nonconformity. We are a brand for the acceptance of all people and all styles of life. We are a brand centered in freedom of expression and the inclusion of all people. We are an openly anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-sexist company.

Our Company Core Values:




4.Make a Difference

5. Passion

Xxtraa Attachments values are reflected in the products that we produce and through the work of Xxtraa Affiliated.

-Xxtraa Affiliated is a program we created to connect artist of all backgrounds and styles with branding materials, merchandise, paid promotion, as well as opportunities to network and grow! Affiliated artist receive an equal share in revenue for all their merchandise that we produce. All affiliates are given non-binding contracts and are our partners with complete control over their image and art. We do what other companies don't we give our artist an equal share and empower them to be just that, artists.

-More than 60% of our products are made and sourced from sustainable sources.

-All of our leather products are made using certified vegan leather

-All of our cosmetics and skincare in the XXTRAAordinary Glow collection are certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free and made with all natural vitamins for all skin types!

-All products are shipped using material from sustainable sources wherever possible and are FDA compliant.